Our History

Fimimec s.a.s. was founded on January 10 2003, after more than a decade of experience gained by operating among the most referenced precision machine shops of the area, driven by a great passion, ambition and sense of duty you decide to embark on the adventure of the activity in right in the world of precision engineering construction.

What do we do

Fimimec is an organization dedicated to building mechanical details of the client's project, according to the uni-iso regulations.

How do we do it

To realize the details that we are commissioned, we use machine tools of traditional type and CNC to interpolate up to 4 axes simultaneously. To get maximum performance from our park machines we program with cad-cam system.

For Who We do it

The experience gained to date has allowed us to work for the most important productive sectors such as recycling, food, automotive, plastic molding, machine tool, automation.

How much we do

Our structure allows us to process orders ranging from single piece to thousands of pieces, if it's necessary, we can suggest how much to produce to obtain the best price.

Materials that we work

In addition to processing the most common materials used by modern industry as a mechanical carbon and alloy steels, we also work:
Cutting steels
Pure aluminum and alloy (anticorodal, Alu, Avional)
Plastic Materials (Nylon, PVC, Teflon, Nilatron, PE, PA, PTFE.)

We Specialists For The Processing
of Stainless Steels and Titanium.

Each type of material supplied can be accompanied by 3.1 certification. B a guarantee of its quality.