The speed of delivery is more than ever crucial to success. In this regard, we chose to have a stock of raw materials, both metallic and plastic parts, so we are always ready to engage, as promptly as possible our production lines. Also this principle of supply we adopt it even on the finished product, previously commissioned to a regular supply order.

Surface finishing and heat treatment

We make, through specialized and established partners:
heat treatments
(hardening, induction hardening, relaxation, cement tempering)
Galvanic treatments
(silver, gold, electro-plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, galvanizing)
coating treatments
grinding and polishing treatments

Quality control

The management of the finished product, is handled in two phases:
The first phase of control is done with suitable instruments on board the machine, performed to all of the details to be implemented, the operator himself.
The second phase of testing is performed at 10% of the order, in an area prepared to dimensional control, making use of three-dimensional measuring instruments. This costly action allowed us to reach more and more quality standard.